I came to jewelry design after a long journey that began with the desire to travel, to discover new horizons and new cultures. The thirst for adventure being much greater than my wallet “making crafts could be a good way to finance my trips”. Curious about the different cultures, the know-how of the places visited inspired me a lot and led me to make several kinds of arts and crafts to finally devote myself to the creation of jewelry.

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Interested in contact with different materials, the creation of jewelry allowed me to find
gestures such as melting, forging, sawing or welding and also working with natural materials such as silver, stones, coral …

Start with a thought and arrive at
make a wish come true, tell a story, create a link,
conjure up a memory. Always linked to humans in
all cultures, the jewel carries an emotional symbolism,
social or cultural, it is exploring these possibilities that

Techniques used

Crimping, Casting, Rolling Polishing, Expertise of semi-precious stones, Wire block work …


Used materials

Silver, Wood, Semi-precious stones, Shells, Coral, Leather, Brass, Copper …

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